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Chief Washakie Historical Non-Photographical Images 4

Bronze statue. Size:  44" H x 34" L x 18" W.

A statue of Washakie, commemorated as a "trailblazer" at the Pioneer Trails State Park overlooking the city of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A statue crafted by Pershing Geiger in 1990 for the Washakie Museum in Worland, Wyoming.

Statue by Dave McGary made for the National Statuary Hall in the US Capitol.  Seven feet tall on base of four feet.  Bronze, with painted features and patina.  Other versions of this statue are in Cheyenne and Fort Washakie, Wyoming.

Signed sketch of Washakie by E.H. Bischoff.  Eugene Henry Bischoff  was born in Pforzheim, Germany in 1880 and died in North Bennington, Vermont in 1954. In the early 1940s, he began to summer in Taos, painting colorful landscapes.  This sketch was used in a comic book series of famous Indians and was published c. 1950.


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