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The Chief Washakie Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports educational programs and research, the creation of class room materials, and scholarship opportunities for Native American youth and educators with significant ties to Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation.

The Foundation’s web site consists of primary resource materials, on-line exhibits, and a searchable database of historical photographs and oral histories pertaining to the history and cultural traditions of the Shoshone and Arapaho of Central Wyoming.

Particular emphasis is also given to the Mountain Shoshone, or Sheep Eater Indians, and other Mountain - as opposed to Plains Indians - of the Greater Yellowstone Region.

All materials can be easily downloaded, at no charge, for use in the classroom.

Contact Us:
E-mail the Foundation's Executive Director, James Trosper at or Co-Chair, Mark Harris at for additional information or research questions.

Current Board Members of the Chief Washakie Foundation:

  • James Trosper, Chair and Executive Director
  • Mark O. Harris, Co-Chair
  • Cale Case, Treasurer
  • Johnny Arlee
  • Ross Diercks
  • Zedora Enos
  • Drusilla Gould
  • Verlon Gould
  • Jacob Hill
  • May Raynolds

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