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About the Chief Washakie Foundation
The Chief Washakie Foundation was organized and incorporated in 2004 to:

  1. Help provide access to higher education for students and educators with significant ties to Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation.
  2. Enhance the educational experience of all students and educators by helping preserve, document, and disseminate the history, arts and cultural traditions of those Native Americans with whom the Wind River tribes, the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho, were, and remain, connected.
  3. Advocate for Indian education regionally and nationally.

Mission Statement
The Foundation’s Mission is: To further the vision of the great Shoshone leader Chief Washakie to insure excellence in Native American education.

Background of the Foundation - The Chief Washakie Sculpture Committee
The Foundation was originally organized as the Chief Washakie Sculpture Committee, appointed by Wyoming’s Governor Jim Gerringer to place a statue of the great Shoshone leader, Chief Washakie, in Statuary Hall in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. At the time the group was organized, in 1999, Wyoming was one of four states that still had only one statue, that of suffragist Esther Hobart Morris, to represent it. As each state is entitled to have two of its most famous leaders in Statuary Hall, Wyoming was proud to select Washakie to represent the people of Wyoming.

The Sculpture Committee was charged with selecting a Wyoming artist to create the statue and raise the funds necessary to place it in our nation’s capitol. Between the fall of 1999 and the fall of 2000, the Committee raised over $600,000 for this state wide effort. The Washakie monument, sculpted by Dave McGary, born in Cody, was pace in the Rotunda of the Capitol on September 7, 2000. Second and third statues were placed outside of Fort Washakie and in the rotunda of the Capitol Building in Cheyenne shortly thereafter.

The Chief Washakie Sculpture Committee consisted of: Dr. Sharon Kahin, Chair; John Coe, Secretary; Sherri Gerringer, Honorary Member; and committee members Rep. Eli Bebout, Pat Bergie, Dr. Sarah Boehme, Senator Cale Case, Zedora Enos, Senator Mark Harris, Rep. Ray Harrison, Alan Hirschfield, Senator Bob Peck, Rep. Frank A Philp, Ivan Posey, May Reynolds, Rep. Harry B. Tipton, James Trosper and John Washakie.

The Chief Washakie Memorial Endowment at the University of Wyoming
In addition to selecting the artist and raising funds to cast the three monuments of Chief Washakie, the Sculpture Committee also raised $200,000, which was matched dollar for dollar by the state, to establish and endow a scholarship fund at the University of Wyoming in Washakie’s honor. The present board of the Chief Washakie Foundation continues to provide scholarship aid, as well as support work that helps preserve the culture, history and heritage of the Shoshone people and the Wind River Reservation.

Board Member Information

James Trosper, Chair and Executive Director
James currently is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Wyoming and served as the Director of Indian Child Welfare for the Northern Arapaho Tribe for 14 years.  He is also on the Award Committee of the Chief Washakie Memorial Endowment at the University of Wyoming and the Grand Teton National Park Foundation Board.  In the past he has served on a number of boards including The Chief Washakie Sculpture Committee, the Board of Directors of the Wind River Youth Council, Fremont County Historic Preservation Commission and Wyoming Indian Affairs Council.  He is also the great-great grandson of Chief Washakie.

Mark O. Harris, Co-Chair
Mark is currently on the Award Committee of the Chief Washakie Memorial Endowment at the University of Wyoming, Treasurer of the Board of Directors for Wyoming Senior Citizens Incorporated, and Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Harry Jackson Museum.  He served 14 years in the Wyoming Legislature, two terms in the House of Representatives and two and a half terms in the Senate. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Albuquerque.

Cale Case, Treasurer
Dr Case is an economist.  He has served in the Wyoming House of Representatives and is currently in the Wyoming Senate.  His senate district includes the Wind River Indian Reservation.  He is a past president of Rotary Community Foundation of Lander.

Johnny Arlee
Information coming soon.

Ross Diercks
Information coming soon.

Zedora Enos
Zedora is the great granddaughter of Chief Washakie.  She is on the Award Committee of the Chief Washakie Memorial Endowment at the University of Wyoming.  She was the owner and operator of Wind River Optical for 18 years.  She has been very active in the Wind River Reservation community and currently serves on the Red Feather Eagle Vocational Rehabilitation Advisory Board.

Drusilla Gould
Information coming soon.

Verlon Gould
Information coming soon.

Jacob Hill
Information coming soon.

May Raynolds
May is the Manager of the Table Mountain Ranch and President of the Lander Valley Farm Bureau.  She also serves as the Treasurer of the Red Desert Audubon Society and is a member of the Board of the Liberty Hall Foundation.  May also serves on the Award Committee of the Chief Washakie Memorial Endowment of the University of Wyoming.



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